Zero Carbon Australia Buildings Plan to be launched

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bze buildings plan imageBeyond Zero Emissions is proud to announce the launch of a new Zero Carbon Australia Buildings Plan in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Byron Bay.

The Beyond Zero Emissions buildings research director Trent Hawkins will speak alongside leading environmental building experts. Be among the first to see our ground-breaking research launched. Seats are limited – see link above to make bookings.

There will also be a pre-launch presentation of the plan at Byron Bay on August 6 – Click here for details.

Image: Zero Carbon Australia buildings live retrofit show at Sustainable Living Festival

Image: Zero Carbon Australia buildings live retrofit show at Sustainable Living Festival

About the plan

Australia’s buildings were not designed to meet many of the challenges we face today. We can act now to halve the energy use of our buildings, provide energy freedom and transform the places in which we live and work.

The Zero Carbon Australia Buildings Plan is the first comprehensive, nationwide retrofit plan for Australia’s building sector. This plan demonstrates how all existing buildings can reach zero emissions within ten years.

The Zero Carbon Australia (ZCA) Buildings Plan demonstrates that there are no technical barriers to zero emission buildings in Australia. This is achieved through a planned energy efficiency retrofit of the existing building stock onsite renewable energy generation, and electrifying current gas appliances. (For an explanation of why we’re recommending the removal discontinuation of the use of gas, please see our fact sheet).

This report does not aim to make individual buildings energy self-sufficient (i.e. zero net energy consumption) as each building is planned to be connect to a 100% renewable energy grid as outlined in the ZCA Stationary Energy Plan. However, it identifies the maximum feasible contribution from distributed onsite electricity generation using solar photovoltaic technology and some small wind turbines.

The Buildings Plan comprises of the following components:

  1. The most comprehensive compilation and assessment of all categories of Australia’s existing building stock across all climate zones.
  2. Review of multiple case studies of successful building retrofits and characterise energy savings, cost and efficacy of each method applied.
  3. Review and judgement of commercially available technologies and methods for achieving energy efficiencies and for onsite heat and electricity generation.
  4. Proposed viable blueprint for energy efficient retrofits on each building sub-category in each climate zone.
  5. Quantification of required resources to implement plan and capacity to roll out process, including timeline.
  6. Estimated investment costs and expected savings from implementing the Buildings Plan.

The Buildings Plan is a collaboration between individuals, relevant businesses, industry bodies, all levels of government, and academic institutions to draw upon existing knowledge, experience, research, and data. The ZCA Buildings Plan has, to date, received generous support from over 80 volunteers. It was also received pro-bono assistance from a range of organisations and companies including: WSP Built Ecology; Energy Efficient Strategies; Sustainability Victoria; Entura; GHD; Melbourne University’s Department of Building, Planning and Architecture; Solem Consulting; Investa; and VIPAC, just to name a few.


  • Halve Australia’s building energy use Full retrofit of existing buildings for higher comfort Deploy 33GW of rooftop solar
  • Raise the bar on appliance performance
  • Protect against rising gas prices Go gas free by installing highly efficient electric technologies
  • Give energy freedom to millions of home owners
  • Create tens of thousands of new jobs

About Beyond Zero Emissions

Beyond Zero Emissions Inc. is a not-for-profit research and education organisation working on designing and implementing a zero emissions economy for Australia. Our goal is to transform Australia from a 19th century fossil fuel based, emissions intensive, economy to a 21st-century renewable-energy-powered clean-tech economy.

Through the Zero Carbon Australia (ZCA) research project, BZE is encouraging climate change policy that is in line with the latest science. By sharing this research with thousands of Australians via its public engagement program, BZE is engaging, educating and inspiring the community with real solutions to climate change. In partnership with the University of Melbourne’s Energy Institute, BZE has published the Stationary Energy Plan, a fully costed transition plan for getting Australia to zero emissions in ten years using commercially available technology. Research in progress includes zero carbon buildings, transport with High Speed Rail, land use for carbon storage, industrial processes and export industries.

For more information visit

BZE’s vision is ambitious and achievable – join us to create the future.

Image: Some of the BZE Zero Carbon Australia Buildings Plan team

Image: Some of the BZE Zero Carbon Australia Buildings Plan team

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