Linking climate and health

There is clear evidence that climate change is already impacting millions of people due to heat, floods, fires, drought, vector-borne illnesses, allergies which escalate respiratory illness, rising sea levels and food insecurity.


The details about human health threats from climate change are detailed in The Critical Decade: Climate change and health (Climate Commission, Australia, 2011).

Source: Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, USA.

Source: Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, USA.

A video about ‘How Climate Affect Affects Community Health’ is available here –

This video from the Global Climate and Health Alliance talks about both the risks to human health and co-benefits if we act fast.

Another quality short video explaining the top health impacts of climate is from NRDC (The Natural Resources Defense Council) (published 2017).

This 4 minute video is from New Zealand’s Royal Society, featuring Professor Alistair Woodward, epidemiologist and biostatistician, of the University of Auckland. He talks about food-borne illnesses, respiratory problems

Climate change challenges to health: risks and opportunities (2015) is a key publication from the Australia Academy of Sciences.