This site is mainly focussed on sustainability at an organisational level. However, here are just a few hand-picked resources for anyone thinking about going green at home or when shopping.

Sustainable consumerism?

Growth and consumerism has had a large negative impact on our planet, as outlined by the Story of Stuff.

There are many unethical products that should not even be available for purchase due to their negative environmental impact and global cooperation needs to include much more legislation and systems to re-orient supply chains towards more biodegradable, sustainably sourced materials and products.

Nevertheless, there are still things consumers can do to lesson their impact, even if it is hard to work out what’s ethical and you feel like you’re just one drop in the ocean.

LOHAS – Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability

The field of green consumerism is sometimes referred to as LOHAS and the marketing of products to eco conscious consumers is a growing economic opportunity with environmental and social spin offs. Here is a short video to give you a feel for what it’s all about but beware of greenwash!

Top links for consumers wanting to go green and live more sustainably