Sustainable business peak bodies and reporting frameworks:

Other relevant international organisations:

  • GRI (previously the Global Reporting Initiative) ( mainstreams disclosure on sustainability including environmental, social and governance performance. There is a GRI Focal Point in Australia and a number of accredited trainers of GRI reporting frameworks.
  • Greenhouse Gas Protocol Initiative ( – the foremost international accounting tool for government and business leaders to report and manage greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The Carbon Disclosure Project ( works towards solutions to climate change and eco efficiencies by inviting companies to participate in this reporting process and public disclosure.
  • The Carbon Trust ( certifies and therefore improves confidence in claims by corporations to carbon mitigation.
  • The Climate Group ( works at an international level with governments and business leaders to advance the smart policies, technologies and finance needed to cut global greenhouse gas emissions, and unlock a ‘clean industrial revolution’.
  • The Climate Registry ( through its support of both voluntary and mandatory reporting programs, the Registry provides data to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The Finance Innovation Laboratory ( is a project jointly hosted by ICAEW and WWF-UK to transform the finance system to address global, social and environmental challenges, from climate change to global poverty.
  • The OECD ( is a leader in policy advocacy for a transition to a low-carbon economy to improve economic and social well-being for all people.