Renewable energy

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The International Energy Agency has acknowledged the urgency of transitioning the world’s economy away from fossil fuels and closer to 100% renewable energy.

Businesses and other organisations like schools are moving faster than ever towards renewable energy technologies and/or purchasing ‘Greenpower‘ through their energy retailler. Greenpower is renewable energy from government accredited sources wihch allows you to access renewable energy day and night. Greenpower is not an offset but is a way individuals and organisations can help to encourage the supply of more renewable energy through the grid (although national Renewable Energy Target policy also helps with this transition).

While onsite or distributed renewable energy has many advantages, with adequate funding and political support, it is also possible to build an electricity market which supplies 100% renewable energy.

Beyond Zero Emissions is one Australian award-winning education and research not-for-profit organisation showing the world that this is possible in a country like Australia. Visit the BZE YouTube channel here.