Sustainable transport toolkit released by American Council for Energy-Efficient Economy

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A comprehensive approach to transportation energy efficiency at the federal, state, and local level must include a combination of sustainable transport strategies targeted at both vehicle fuel efficiency and travel behavior.

‘Improving Travel Efficiency at the Local Level’ is a 52 page free pdf toolkit by Shruti Vaidyanathan & Eric Mackres has been written for the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Econonmy but much of it is relevant in Australia.

The toolkit provides brief profiles of policies that increase transportation choice, reduce automobile trips, and decrease energy consumption, and can be implemented at the local level in the American context. Each policy write-up includes a brief description of the policy, an outline of relevant stakeholders, anticipated costs and benefits, and a case study that exemplifies best practice for project implementation and design. There’s a table summary at page 36 and 37. Policies included in this toolkit demonstrate a high potential on their own or in combination with other policies to reduce transportation-related energy consumption at the municipal level. Released in November 2012.

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