Launch of IEA renewable energy practical policy book

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15 January 2013 is the official launch of the READy book: ‘Renewable Energy Action on Deployment’, published by Elsevier and under the banner of the International Energy Agency’s Renewable Energy Technology Deployment group.

The theme of the event will be ‘Are you READy for ACTION?’ – About the need to take action now & the opportunities for policy makers.

The READy book presents a kaleidoscope of policy options that have proven to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy technologies, based on experiences around the world at the local and national levels. The REAdy book introduces the ACTION star: a graphic representation of six policy categories that are essential for the acceleration of renewable energy deployment. Applying the ACTION star guides policy makers in choosing the right ingredients for successful policies.

Maria van der Hoeven (Executive Director IEA) and Frank Wouters (Deputy Director-General IRENA) confirmed to receive the first copies of the book. Other speakers at the event will be Hans Jørgen Koch (Chair IEA-RETD, Deputy State Secretary, Ministry of Climate and Energy, Danish Energy Agency) and Martin Lidegaard (Danish Minister for Climate, Energy and Building).

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Buy the book direct from the publisher here for $117 AUD.

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