In case you missed CCIQ/ EcoBiz sustainable lighting webinar

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Did you miss the Chamber of Commerce & Industry Qld/ EcoBiz sustainable lighting webinar yesterday on lighting? No need to worry – access the recording here.

It was coordinated by the Chamber of Commerce (funded by the Queensland Government), facilitated by the University of Southern Queensland (Mike Gerlach) and delivered by a private provider, Kerry Simpson (Proprietor at Simmo’s Lighting Solutions, Queensland Lighting Design Engineer at Pierlite Australia Pty. Ltd., and Fellow at the Illuminating Engineering Society – IES).

Some interesting take-home messages:

  • Turning it off after use is king;
  • Buyer beware (eg check the data sheet – key claims may relate only to the life of the light rather than the other components);
  • Make use of the Lighting Council for supplier database etc:
  • The LED industry is bigger than the entire lighting industry and typically sales occur via electrical providers and outside of the normal lighting shops;
  • Horses for courses (task lighting – fit for purpose);
  • When changing from halogen to LED, check beam angle and lux/lumens required; and
  • LEDs are the future – only sometimes T5 fluorescent lamps can be appropriate – compared to other fluros they have strong output per KW (and turn on fast).

Download the slides here via Dropbox.

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