Free Webinar – ISO 50001 Training in Energy Management

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Training in energy management

The Environmental Management Systems Association recently advertised a free webinar on the new ISO 50001 Energy Management standard.The webinar has been contributed by Sonia Screpis, National Marketing Manager – Assurance Services (Australia) Sonja.Screpis [at], Ph: 02 8206 6854.

The new ISO 50001 approach gives companies a clear framework within which to better manage energy. Helping organisations to build a strong commitment to energy efficiency, it also gives clear guidelines on developing a policy, better understanding data, setting targets and objectives, measuring results and continually improving the way in which energy is managed.

This webinar addresses: What is the ISO 50001? What does it mean for business? How does it relate to your existing business management systems and other regulatory programs? What are the benefits for my business? It provides a look at international experiences including best practice applications to business.

Presenters: Tim Parker, General Manager – Energy, Climate Change and Sustainability, WSP Environment & Energy and Chris Jones, Executive Vice President, Global Leader – Sustainability & Energy, WSP Environment & Energy.

Access the webinar here.

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