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energy efficiency certificationThe Energy Efficiency Council has launched the Energy Efficiency Certification Scheme, a professional certification scheme for the individuals that lead and manage comprehensive energy retrofits of commercial buildings.

The Scheme is operated by the Energy Efficiency Council on behalf of the sector and will:

  • identify industry leaders in the delivery of comprehensive energy retrofits of commercial buildings
  • provide a benchmark for aspiring energy efficiency professionals that wish to develop their skills and
  • enable commercial building owners and managers to identify industry professionals with the right expertise

Individuals who have experience working as part of project teams that implement energy efficiency retrofits of commercial buildings can become a Certified Energy Efficiency Specialist (CEES) which demonstrates:

  •  their ability to contribute to effective integrated building energy retrofits as part of a project team, and
  • that they have the knowledge necessary to lead and manage integrated building energy retrofits.

“The Energy Efficiency Certification Scheme will recognise genuine professionals in the energy efficiency sector, helping building owners find quality providers and developing the next generation of experts,” said Luke Menzel, Manager, Sector Development at the Energy Efficiency Council.

The Energy Efficiency Certification Scheme:

  • recognises industry leaders that can deliver comprehensive energy retrofits of commercial buildings;
  • provides a benchmark for aspiring energy efficiency professionals that wish to develop their skills; and,
  • allows commercial building owners and managers to identify specialists with the expertise to deliver deep savings.

The Scheme’s design and operation is overseen by an independent Steering Committee that includes representatives from industry, governments, the property sector and other experts.

“This Scheme is the result of a three year process of consultation and design that captured the views of industry experts, governments and the property sector. We’re confident that this is the most robust scheme of its kind in the world,” said Luke Menzel.

Assessment criteria have been developed by senior professionals from across the industry with significant experience implementing energy retrofits of commercial buildings.

Certification changes the game for building owners and managers

For the first time, building owners and managers will have a straightforward way to determine whether a project lead put forward by an energy efficiency provider has the knowledge and skills to manage a comprehensive energy retrofit of their building.

The Scheme also provides an independent complaints mechanism that customers can utilise if they believe a certified professional has breached the Code of Conduct established by the Scheme.

Industry leaders back new certification scheme

Caoimhin Ardren, a Director at Exergy, has been heavily involved in developing the Scheme’s assessment criteria.

“This Scheme is designed to support the effective delivery of complex energy efficiency retrofit projects, and give building managers and owners confidence that promised energy savings can be achieved.”

Ben Samways, a Director at Ecosave, is one of the industry representatives on the Steering Committee that is overseeing the implementation of the Scheme. “To deliver improvements to Australia’s existing building stock at scale, the industry needs to identify and develop individuals that have the knowledge and experience to drive energy efficiency outcomes through the entire delivery process. This Scheme will do that.”

Registrations open – certified professionals in the market April 2014

Registrations for assessment in Round One are now open. The Commonwealth Department of Industry has provided a significant fee subsidy for certification applications received in Round One. This subsidy is available to the first 40 applicants that meet the pre-requisites for certification. In addition to the Australian Government subsidy, candidates that submit their applications by 31 January 2014 will receive an additional early bird discount.

Limited places available in Round One

There are only 40 assessment places available in Round One. Secure your place in Round One by registering and applying early.

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