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By Teresa Domenech, University College London

The concept of the circular economy has left the realm of academic theory and entered the world of business. The price of natural resources and materials is soaring, and in response to volatile markets and increasing competition, developed nations are examining this sort of alternative economic model.

A circular.

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From published on April 12, 2013 Getting a handle on how energy is priced, consumed, sourced and regulated is a must when it comes to negotiating a new energy supply contract and implementing demand management practices which will best support your business.

Understanding the Energy Market and Demand Profiles

The price businesses pay for energy is influenced.
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While supply chains are becoming highly sophisticated and vital to the competitiveness of many companies their interlinked, global nature also makes them increasingly vulnerable to a range of risks. The Ripple Effect, a new Deloitte global survey of 600 executives from manufacturing and retail companies around the world, examines the growing problems associated with supply chain.
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