Accenture’s 2013 ebook – The Sustainable Organization

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For organizations seeking to outperform the market over the long-term, a key driver of high performance will be their ability to embed sustainability effectively across all aspects of their business. To do this requires a clear understanding of the particular challenges, opportunities and priorities that sustainability holds for each member of their executive leadership team.

This is the core goal of Accenture’s “The Sustainable Organization: Lessons From Leaders” ebook, which aims to provide leaders with specific insights into how their peers are thinking about sustainability today from the chief executive officer right through to the chief financial officer, zeroing in on what matters most.

The chief financial officer, as just one example, needs an understanding of how to assess the value of such sustainability initiatives, in order to effectively translate this for external shareholders. Elsewhere, the chief strategy officer needs a model for categorizing new forces influencing the business over multiple time-horizons, to better understand how to realign internal resources. More immediately, the chief procurement officer needs to establish new rules and metrics for how buying decisions are made. And the chief supply chain officer needs to understand which new partners to consider collaborating with and what new skills and expertise are needed for this to be successful.

These are just some of the issues covered throughout the ebook to help leaders identifying where and how sustainability can deliver value to the organization as well as how they can play a fundamental role in both shaping the CEO’s vision on sustainability—and helping make it a reality.

At its core, this ebook—like the full reports in the series that examine the roles of various C-suite executives grappling with sustainability—aims to help start a discussion about the role of sustainability within the company and where this is headed. As such, we welcome feedback from any and all stakeholders that can help us, collectively, to deepen the debate.

Download the pdf of the ebook here (11 meg).

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