Humans & the environment – top pick videos

In their daily lives, many people on planet Earth are blissfully unaware of how integral the environment is to the capacity of humans to live healthy lives with adequate food, shelter and other resources. However, human health, the environment and climate are all very much linked and repairing for our planet is becoming increasingly urgent. Quality natural resources are running out, environmental degradation and extinction rates are alarming in many parts of the world, and climate change is already making some parts of Earth unsuitable for human settlements.

There are many ways people can better understand the idea that we only have one Earth and that everything is connected when it comes to Mother Nature. There are many multi-media tools out there and conversations that matter can also help. Here are our top hand picked videos for Australians looking for a taste of the science of environmental protection. There’s something for everyone, short and long, factual and emotive, Aussie and global presenters, and so on. Please visit many other parts of this website for other factual and/or humorous resources/information and don’t hesitate to let us know your suggestions by using the contact page.

The latest – under 8 minutes:
Sweden’s Johan Rockstrom delivers an incredibly compelling and visual call to arms about urgent action in the next 10 years to transform the future of humanity – or face mass extinctions on planet which is destablised forever.

Short – around 3 minutes:
Australia’s Climate Commission short upbeat cartoon:

Lancet Commission on ‘Health and Climate’ 2015 by Climate Nexus:

The Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change: 2019 report (and more here)

Climate Code Green 3 minutes on the impacts of health (rock music) – info from the first Lancet on health and climate:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 2019 – ‘How climate affects health’ (and more here)

‘Climate change will impact health’ by NRDC Flix (2017)

Human impact on the environment: GCSE Biology by Learner’s Cloud

Medium – 10 to 15 minute:
Quirky 10 minute ‘Crash Course’ on the environment’s function and support role for human health:

Cambridge University’s ‘Human influence on ecosystems’

Long/in-depth – 22 minutes:
Australia, climate and health – presented for the Climate and Health Alliance by Prof Lesley Hughes, University of New South Wales:

‘Climate and Health – from science to practice’ from CDC Grand Rounds (2014)

Health, environment and climate change – Technical Briefing at WHA72 – World Health Organisation (2019)

Climate change humour

It can be said that humour is one way to deal with problems that seem overwhelming. For a lighter, more humorous look at climate change, check out the top 10 funniest short videos as listed by journalist, Graham Readfearn.

Source: The Guardian, May 2014

Source: The Guardian, May 2014