UQ research reveals how companies are adapting to climate change

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New research about how Australian companies are adapting to climate change was revealed at a major European conference 18-20 March 2013.

Dr Martina Linnenluecke, a sustainability expert from The University of Queensland Business School, presented the findings at the European Climate Change Adaptation Conference (ECCA) 2013 in Hamburg, Germany. The research by Dr Linnenluecke and her colleagues shows how companies are starting to take action to safeguard their business from the effects of climate change.

Dr Linnenluecke says: “Companies are facing new risks resulting from climate change and extreme weather events that might endanger their supply chains and production processes.

“Our work shows to what extent organisations are developing an understanding of climate change and how they engage in decision-making and change processes. It also identifies those factors which hamper or support their decision-making.”

ECCA 2013 brings together scientists and academics with practitioners working on climate change adaptation and provides a forum for debate about what practical steps can be taken to minimise the risks.

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